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Harold and Nita Baggs have successfully built relationships with clients, real estate agents and brokers over a span of 46 years. They both ran individual conveyancing offices. Harold left the banking industry and started his conveyancing office, aged 27. He commenced business as Harold Arthur Baggs, Registered Conveyancer. Nita completed her studies and started Aberfoyle Happy Valley Conveyancers, aged 34. In more recent years, they joined forces incorporating Harold Arthur Baggs, Registered Conveyancer with Aberfoyle Happy Valley Conveyancers.

Through the years, both have seen and adapted to huge changes within the industry. Letters and faxes were replaced by emails, typewriters were replaced by computers, mobile phones became smaller and smaller and now have the same functioning capability as laptops, Revenue SA commenced their functions online (no need to stand in a queue to stamp documents) and the settlements room was replaced with online settlements. Both Harold and Nita faced the challenges that came with fast paced technological advancement head on.

Harold saw the need for software that could greatly assist in workflow as the demand for faster turnaround times increased. To that end, Harold reached out to Dick Robinson, dove into coding, and developed a conveyancing software program for their conveyancing businesses. When Harold commenced working on this, there was no conveyancing software available on the market to assist with the ease of workflow. Over the years, Harold has continued to develop and adjust the software to accommodate the fast-changing pace through the various legislative changes that came into effect. The software developed by Harold can hold its own against any existing conveyancing software.

When electronic settlements were introduced into South Australia, Harold and Nita were both part of the front runners actively involved in upskilling and incorporating electronic settlements within their business platform. They were also actively involved in encouraging the greater conveyancing community to train in and incorporate electronic settlements within their conveyancing business platforms. Harold managed to successfully complete an electronic settlement whilst on holiday in New Zealand. Without electronic settlement capability that would not have been possible and greatly assisted in Harold seeing the value in electronic settlements. Their commitment to incorporating electronic settlements turned out to be well worth their effort and time when COVID-19 resulted in lengthy lockdowns necessitating Land Services SA to mandate electronic settlements. With systems and staff training in place as well as their extensive experience in completing electronic settlements, the stress of COVID-19 and working in isolation from others were accommodated with ease.

Whilst keeping two conveyancing businesses afloat, Harold and Nita raised a beautiful family with 3 daughters, who today are all accomplished and successful, and have been blessed with their own “football team” as the number of grandchildren that came into the world grew over the years.

Today Nita is enjoying retirement and spends her time creating beautiful quilts, playing the piano, attending to her garden, caravan camping and spending precious time with her grandchildren. Harold has not yet embraced retirement fully. He still loves to talk to clients, values the friendships that he has built in the industry over so many years and continues to share his industry knowledge and experience with others. When Harold is not out and about assisting the grandchildren in obtaining their driving hours, dropping into the office, odd jobs around the house or camping, you will find him cycling.

It is a great honour to continue building on Harold and Nita’s legacy.

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