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The Process

We understand that purchasing a property can be a stressful process and are here to make it as efficient and hassle-free as possible.


Whether you are purchasing a new building, an old property, an investment property, a vacant block of land or a commercial property, there are many important things to consider.

Some of these may include; whether you will need your contract subject to finance or to the sale of a property. Perhaps it will need to be subject to a building or pest inspection.

Purchasing Property
Purchasing Property

Some of the tasks our team will undertake on your behalf during the purchasing process include:

  • Government searches

  • Preparation of legal documents and statements

  • Calculation of adjustments of rates and taxes

  • Liaison with mortgagees and financiers

  • Payment of all government taxes levies and charges

Our priority is to ensure your safety in the transaction.


After having found a property which is suitable and is in your price range, the next step is crucially important. Things to consider include:

  • What you should sign and what you should not

  • What needs to be checked

  • Who is looking out for YOUR interests

  • How are you safeguarded?

  • Do you understand the contract legal terminology

  • What is binding and what are your obligations


As experienced conveyancers we can guide you, protect you and reassure you. We consider all of these a part of our service.

Purchasing Property

As settlements are now legally required to be carried out online, we also prepare the PEXA and RevNet Workspaces and upload information as required. We liaise with your bank and any other parties to ensure that documentation is complete and ready for settlement. We also pay your government Stamp Duties and Registration costs.

On the day of settlement, provided we are satisfied that your interests have been adequately protected, we authorise the settlement to proceed and money is exchanged for the ownership of the property.

We make the process of purchasing property a straightforward and stress free process.

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